About Me: Jonathan Share aka Sharebear


Born and raised in South Derbyshire, England I now live in Oslo, Norway working as Java consultant. My strengths include developing systems for high availability, web standards, mobile web technologies, and not letting work impact my personal life.

Professional Life

After graduating from De Montfort University (Leicester, England), with a BSc (hons) Computer Science in 2005, I moved to Oslo, Norway in order to begin my career on the Web Applications Team at Opera Software.

During my time at Opera I had the opportunity to work in various technologies across a wide range of server side development projects involving;

In September of 2008 I decided it was time to move on and started work as a consultant at Bouvet. During my two years at Bouvet I've had the opportunity to meet many great people and gained valuable experience with satisfied customerts however as of January 2011 I am now a "Senior Systemutvikler" at UDP AS and looking forward to the projects and challenges that await me this year.

Social Interests

A large majority of my spare time is spent in front of my computer reading about and trying out new tools and technologies, in order to keep myself up to date with the technological world. A future iteration of this website will include a section dedicated to my spare time projects but for now you can take a look at my mercurial repositories.

When I manage to drag myself away from the computer I enjoy cooking, meeting up with the "family" of friends that I picked up at Opera, meeting new people and playing my cornet in Vivo Brass and Oslo Postorkester.

This Blog represents my personal views and experiences which are not necessarily the same as those of my employer.