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Summer of blogging

26th June 2011, 2318

Well, it's now been a whole year since my last post on this blog, and a lot has happened since then, including a change of employer, and starting to play in a big band. However attempting to kick-start this blog back to life by writing a diary of everything that has happened this year isn't really very interesting to anyone so instead I'm going to try and start documenting the progress of the project I intend to be working on in my free time over the summer.

W3C Widgets in GWT

18th June 2010, 1521

Back when Google Web Toolkit (GWT) was first released in 2006 I was still working for
Opera Software and thought it would be an interesting side-project to see if
it was possible to create a W3C Widget using GWT.

A couple of months ago, after
holding a presentation about Widgets on mobile phones the question of
whether it would be possible to develop Widgets with GWT came up and I decided
to finally create the proof of concept.

My year in music

2nd March 2010, 0006

As many of my friends and family know, it was a little under a year ago that my interest in playing music got a little boost. As a result of this, I played a lot over the summer and made a lot of new friends through sommerspill. This lead to me starting to play in Oslo Postorkester where the last few months has been dedicated to preparing for the Norwegian national championships for wind band on the 19th - 20th. Over the next couple of weeks there are a couple of opportunities for friends in Oslo to come and hear what I get up to in my spare time. Read on for details.

Helper scripts for Glassfish/OpenESB and SunMQ

22nd December 2009, 1302

A couple of weeks ago I finally spent the time to set up my cygwin environment at work to just the way I want it. As part of the process I threw together two bash scripts to help me when interacting with Glassfish server/OpenESB, making short aliases for common commands and providing some helpful colourisation. I thought I would share them in case they prove useful to anyone else.

A very simple python caching proxy

17th September 2009, 1949

A while ago a colleague asked me if I knew of a HTTP proxy tool that would cache and then replay the first response it got, in order to develop a client for a webservice without hammering the service with requests during testing (or doing a lot of work to mock it out). I mentioned Fiddler but that's Windows only. In the end I realised it probably wouldn't take more than 20 lines of python to achieve the desired effect. 10 minutes later I had the following script, just throwing it out there in case its useful to someone else.

Melanie Scholtz Band m/ Ole Jørn Myklebust

31st July 2009, 0951

Last night was the first time I've visited Herr Nilsen, a Jazz club in Oslo with Melanie Scholtz Band and Ole Jørn Myklebust being the artists for the night.

Geek Cruise

29th May 2009, 0027

When an email came around at work asking if there was anyone interested in the four guaranteed places we were entitled to as a part of sponsoring the latest Geek Cruise, I jumped at the chance expecting to be turned down with the places already taken. To my surprise it wasn't that difficult at all, and I was one of two who represented Bouvet at Geek Cruise. Read on for a summary of my experience.

Multistage Django deployments: Part 2

22nd April 2009, 2108

In the previous post in this series I introduced two of the tools I use to manage the development and deployment environments for this blog. Today I will share with you my Fabric deployment script and give a quick overview of what each action does.

Multistage Django deployments: Part 1

15th April 2009, 2022

At Europython 2008 I gave a presentation of how we were using Capistrano for deploying the Pylons based site. When rewriting this blog in Django I decided to look again at more pythonic alternatives. This is the first part of a two part blog post, in this part you will learn the tools I use to create a sane, reproducible deployment. The second part will tie the tools together with version control to perform one click deployment.

Social backlog prioritisation

13th April 2009, 1438

Most developers will probably agree that the shower is a magical place. During a morning shower you're (usually) alone, refreshed after a good nights sleep and don't have the noise of a whole day's thoughs going on in your head. Strange ideas can come along during this part of the day and here is a brain dump of one an idea I recently had, using the Reddit engine to prioritise a Scrum backlog.

It's not Terry's it's ... Freia?

11th April 2009, 1007

When I moved to Norway one of my favourite chocolates that I couldn't find here was the Terry's Chocolate Orange. Every Christmas at least one present from my family is a product from the Chocolate Orange range. In the build up to the easter holiday over here a very similar looking product started to appear in a few stores. I had to investigate...

Null vs. Exception

9th April 2009, 2026

This week a fellow colleague posed the question of whether to return null or throw an exception when looking up an entity from a repository by id. This blog post describes in more detail why I generally prefer to throw an exception.


22nd March 2009, 2017

VivoBrass, the brass band I play in, are now correctly registered so that you can support us via Norsk Tipping's Grasrotandelen programme. Read on for details.

Optimising Django on Dreamhost

12th March 2009, 2030

After deploying the first version of this website to Dreamhost I couldn't help feeling that the site was feeling very slow. This was to be expected as I have read many horror stories about the performance and support of Dreamhost but I wanted to investigate a little closer to give them the benefit of the doubt. This blog post documents the process I went through and the improvements I made along the way.

A Valentine pantomime

18th February 2009, 1918

Saturday was of course Valentine's day and Lise and I decided to go out for dinner at Raymonds mat og vinhus which is a place we had wanted to visit for a while. It turns out that, while far from romantic, this particular evening had me laughing on the journey home and we plan to return sometime.

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