January 2009

Code coverage for Maven projects in NetBeans

21st January 2009, 2231

When developing I like to use code coverage tools to ensure that my unit tests are testing all of the main code paths. As a recent migrant from Eclipse to NetBeans due to superior Maven support, I was dissapointed to find out that the codecoverage plugin does not work for Maven projects.

Luckily, due to a bug/feature in the codecoverage plugin it is possible to convince NetBeans to render the coverage highlighting in the Java editor by making a few changes to your pom file. Read on for the details.


10th January 2009, 1216

The first week of real work after Christmas is now over and it's around this time of year that most Norwegian companies begin to think about holding an annual performance review (medarbeidersamtale) with all of their employees.

As preparation for this I like to summarise my achievements the previous year and things I would like to do the next year. This year I have extended this process to take a broader look at my life, read on for the full details.

First Post

4th January 2009, 1855

Finally it's here, the long fabled rewrite of my website. A place for me to express opinions and communicate with the world in more than 140 characters.

This Blog represents my personal views and experiences which are not necessarily the same as those of my employer.