22nd March 2009, 2017

VivoBrass, the brass band I play in, are now correctly registered so that you can support us via Norsk Tipping's Grasrotandelen programme. Read on for details.

What is it?

Norsk Tipping is the company that runs Norway's national lottery system, similar to what Camelot do if you are familiar with the British national lottery system. As with most lottery system's a portion of the money from each bet goes to good causes such as charities and voluntary groups.

Through the Grasrotandelen programme you, as a player, get to choose which voluntary group receieves that 5% donation. It's not a huge amount of money but if you get a couple of regular players supporting you it can be significant for the smaller groups such as VivoBrass.

Registering online

If you have registered to play lotto online then linking your account to VivoBrass couldn't be simpler. After logging in click "Min Side", followed by "Grasrotandelen".

Screenshot showing link to grasrotandelen page

Then on the following screen fill in the VivoBrass organisation number, which is 980172244, and click "Registrer tilknyting".

Screenshot showing filling in organisation number

All being well, you'll then be sent to a summary page where you can see how much money has been donated to VivoBrass through the Grasrotandelen programme.

Screenshot showing grasrotandelen statistics

Registering in-store

If you are not registered to play online then you can print this linked document for all the information you need.

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