April 2009

Multistage Django deployments: Part 2

22nd April 2009, 2108

In the previous post in this series I introduced two of the tools I use to manage the development and deployment environments for this blog. Today I will share with you my Fabric deployment script and give a quick overview of what each action does.

Multistage Django deployments: Part 1

15th April 2009, 2022

At Europython 2008 I gave a presentation of how we were using Capistrano for deploying the Pylons based widgets.opera.com site. When rewriting this blog in Django I decided to look again at more pythonic alternatives. This is the first part of a two part blog post, in this part you will learn the tools I use to create a sane, reproducible deployment. The second part will tie the tools together with version control to perform one click deployment.

Social backlog prioritisation

13th April 2009, 1438

Most developers will probably agree that the shower is a magical place. During a morning shower you're (usually) alone, refreshed after a good nights sleep and don't have the noise of a whole day's thoughs going on in your head. Strange ideas can come along during this part of the day and here is a brain dump of one an idea I recently had, using the Reddit engine to prioritise a Scrum backlog.

It's not Terry's it's ... Freia?

11th April 2009, 1007

When I moved to Norway one of my favourite chocolates that I couldn't find here was the Terry's Chocolate Orange. Every Christmas at least one present from my family is a product from the Chocolate Orange range. In the build up to the easter holiday over here a very similar looking product started to appear in a few stores. I had to investigate...

Null vs. Exception

9th April 2009, 2026

This week a fellow colleague posed the question of whether to return null or throw an exception when looking up an entity from a repository by id. This blog post describes in more detail why I generally prefer to throw an exception.

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