It's not Terry's it's ... Freia?

11th April 2009, 1007

When I moved to Norway one of my favourite chocolates that I couldn't find here was the Terry's Chocolate Orange. Every Christmas at least one present from my family is a product from the Chocolate Orange range. In the build up to the easter holiday over here a very similar looking product started to appear in a few stores. I had to investigate...

The Discovery

While out shopping a couple of weeks ago I saw a display of easter related chocolate in the middle of which I found the following.

Freia Sjokolade Appelsin

Which looks remarkable similar one of my all-time favourites, Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Terry's Chocolate Orange

Source: Wikipedia.

Consulting the wikipedia page reveals that production of Terry's Chocolate Orange was shipped out to Sweden in 2005. It looks like Kraft Foods are trying to push it out into the Norwegian market under the popular Freia brand. I wonder what Dawn French would say about this?

The Question

The big question I have now is will this wonderful product be available all year or just an Easter promotion?

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