Melanie Scholtz Band m/ Ole Jørn Myklebust

31st July 2009, 0951

Last night was the first time I've visited Herr Nilsen, a Jazz club in Oslo with Melanie Scholtz Band and Ole Jørn Myklebust being the artists for the night.

A great night

I think everyone at Herr Nilsen last night would agree that last nights concert was thoroughly enjoyable. Melanie has a gorgeous voice and all the musicians proved themselves to be extremely talented. To top it off the majority of the set was composed of self authored songs, contributing to a truly unique musical experience. Highlights of the set for me were "This can’t be love" and "Bumble bee". I can definitely recommend going to hear them if you can catch them anywhere.

Herr Nilsen

As mentioned in the introduction this was the first time I've been to Herr Nilsen, a jazz club in the center of Oslo. It's the perfect size for the kind of concert that was on last night, the place was full but not crowded and we managed to get a seat right in front of the stage. As an extra bonus they also have Murphy's, Cristianssands Bryggeri Pils and Cristianssands Bryggeri Bayer on tap, not something you find all over Oslo so a nice treat to taste some different beers on a night out. All in all, a place I'm probably going to to return to.


Not great quality but here's the best picture I managed to take with my mobile phone.

Ole Jørn and Melanie

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