Summer of blogging

26th June 2011, 2318

Well, it's now been a whole year since my last post on this blog, and a lot has happened since then, including a change of employer, and starting to play in a big band. However attempting to kick-start this blog back to life by writing a diary of everything that has happened this year isn't really very interesting to anyone so instead I'm going to try and start documenting the progress of the project I intend to be working on in my free time over the summer.

The project

My summer project with highest priority is to replace the old website of the brass band I play with, VivoBrass, with a new site, this is something I promised to do several years ago but have never got started with. As next year is Vivo's 15th anniversary it's only fitting that we have an up to date web-presence to celebrate.

I will be doing this project based on Django as this will allow me to refresh my Python skills that have been left to rot for about a year and my intention with blogging about the progress is that it will add even more pressure on me to make some progress.


My goal for the summer is to get a basic version of the website up and running that has;

  • a blog/news section.
  • a calender of events (rehersals/concerts).
  • a couple of static pages.
  • a layout and design that looks great on desktop, mobile and tablet devices (one web philosophy).

The first three points shouldn't take long at all however my calender for next week is already looking pretty full and the last point on the list might take a considerably longer time to implement and I'm going to need help from other people to create the graphics artefacts I need to make the site a reality.

As far as blogging my progress is concerned I hope to make at least one post related to this project every two weeks.

Out of scope

I have a long list of features I want to include in the site that I just can't fit in before the end of the summer, these will hopefully be prioritised after I've got the version 1.0 out of the door and include;

  • iCal feed for events so that members with smartphones can import this directly.
  • atom feed for blog and events.
  • Facebook events integration.
  • Facebook "Page" integration.
  • Inline editing of all content, I'm planning to make a javascript interface for band members to use for adding news posts and events instead of the regular Django admin.
  • Member register, this is a feature that exists in the current site that will be missing in the initial 1.0 version of the rewrite.
  • Music archive, accessible only to logged in members of the band I want to make the list over the contents of the music archive searchable and maintainable from the same site.
  • Photo albums, probably through integration with an existing service such as Flickr/Picasa.
  • reusable modules, I want to make the most of the website as reusable modules so that I can, at some time in the future, also replace the website for Oslo Postorkester.

Other stuff

I also a couple of other blog posts ready to write that I hope to get written within the next week or two, hopefully mentioning them here will motivate me to get them written down and not just keep them in my head.

This Blog represents my personal views and experiences which are not necessarily the same as those of my employer.